age dashi tofu
lightly fried bean curd with tempura sauce

cold tofu
bean curd with bonito flakes & green onions

spicy tofu salad
lightly fried bean curd with chef's special sauce

broiled fresh spinach with sesame sauce

soy beans

zaru soba
cold buckwheat noodle with dipping sauce

gomoku cold noodles
shredded fish cakes, white radish, cucumbers & eggs
on buckwheat noodles with special sesame sauce


pan-fried pork dumplings

vegetable gyoza
pan-fried vegetable dumplings

steamed seafood dumplings

shumai katsu
lightly breaded and fried seafood dumplings

two skewers of chicken, onion, & peppers, lightly
broiled & served with teriyaki sauce

chicken-asparagus maki
thin-sliced white meat rolled with asparagus & broiled,
served with teriyaki sauce

beef negi-maki
thin-sliced steak rolled with scallions, broiled, served
with teriyaki sauce

squid ring
tempura style

steamed fresh squid
served with spicy soy sauce on the side

tempura appetizer
two shrimp and five pieces of vegetables

two skewers of shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, & peppers,
lightly broiled & served with teriyaki sauce

seafood kakiage
shrimp, crap, & scallops mixed with vegetables, tempura style

yellow tail jowl
broiled yellow tail chin

haru maki
fried vegetable rolls

wasabi shumai
steamed wasabi flavored dumpling

stuffed chicken with eggplant

tokyo mushroom
stuffed seafood in mushroom

sushi bar appetizers

sushi appetizer
tuna, fluke, shrimp, & salmon

sashimi appetizer
tuna, octopus, salmon, whitefish, & crab

slice octopus with vinegar sauce

spicey tako salad
sliced octopus served with spicey sauce

slice seafood with vinegar sauce

tiger's eyes
squid rolled with smoked salmon and seaweed in vinegar sauce

tuna tataki
tuna lightly seared and served with ponzu sauce

seaweed salad

spicey crab meat salad

spicey ika (squid) salad

fatty yellow tail
(3 orders daily)

fatty salmon
(3 orders daily)

thin sliced fish with jalapeno on top with special vinegar sauce
yellowtail (8pc)
fluke (8pc)
redsnapper (8pc)

black pepper tuna tataki (8pc)12.95

(Prices dependant upon in-house menu)